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Schnauss North East Florida Funeral Home and Cremation Services is an understanding funeral home and cremation service provider in Jacksonville, FL. Since 1919, the Jacksonville community has trusted us to create a personalized service for their loved one that will stay in their family's heart forever. Our objective is to make it simpler for loved ones to get the details perfect so that they may commemorate and celebrate the life of the one who has passed away. Call us today for your funeral home and cremation needs at (904) 683-9288 or visit us at 808 Margaret Street Jacksonville, FL 32204.

Each person who lives is individual and unique. At Schnauss North East Florida Funeral Home and Cremation Services, we believe this means each person should be honored at their death in ways that speak to this individuality. Working with a provider who approaches planning services for funeral home and cremations in Jacksonville, FL, through this lens helps you create a custom service you can be proud of.

There is an overwhelming consensus among experts in the grief management community about certain things. One recommendation that comes forward often is to hold some style of honoring service after the death of a loved one. This is extremely helpful for grieving families and close friends. Having a final opportunity to “say goodbye” brings closure and a stronger ability to accept this new, complex reality. Services can be small and relatively informal and still yield this benefit.

A well-known and often used service format is the funeral service. Funerals can be held for large or small gatherings. They generally are put on within a short period of time after the passing of the person who is being honored. The body of the deceased is present for this service, usually enclosed in a casket. During the service, stories and memories about this individual are shared. The event can be held at the funeral home, a church, or a private residence. Funeral home services are an excellent way for the bereaved to gather and support one another.

There are times when having the body present for the service is not practical or possible. A memorial service is a beautiful alternative to a full funeral service. Memorials offer a bit more flexibility for planning and choosing when the gathering will be held. Like funerals, memorials need not be large or elaborate meetings to be meaningful. However, the services can be planned to be as grandiose as you wish.

Services for cremations have grown in popularity over the last several decades. There are various reasons for this. Here are a few:

  • Having a cremation allows for a memorial service to be held at a later date.
  • Flame cremation is thought to be more environmentally sound than casketed burial with an embalmed body.
  • The reduction of the remains to their most basic form as granular ashen particles allows for the final remains to be kept nearby if desired.
  • Costs for cremation are often substantially less than intact burial preparation and proceedings.

Every cremation is performed for one individual at a time as required by law—secure protocols hedge against human error. You can trust that the remains you receive back are those of your loved one.

Like funerals, burial is a well-understood concept that is often used for the final disposition of deceased persons. Did you know that cremated remains can be buried? Many cemeteries and memorial parks also have above-ground burial options within mausoleums, crypts, and columbarium niches. “Green” burial refers to a more natural approach for returning the final remains to the earth. Typically speaking, green burial avoids embalming the remains. Biodegradable caskets or burial shrouds are required in many natural conservation burial grounds. 

Funeral Home and Cremations in Jacksonville, FL to Honor Veterans

Honoring those who have given so much to our country is an exceptional charge. Schnauss North East Florida Funeral Home and Cremation Services is experienced and well trained to support these services. Each branch of military service has its own unique proceedings, and our staff has the knowledge of what that entails. This is just a tiny way for us to show our great respect and admiration for the heroic men and women who have served.

Active duty and honorably discharged servicemen and women can receive military honors and benefits at death. In every case, eligibility will be verified before these benefits can be applied. As a small token of gratitude, the military covers many of the costs of final arrangements. Our expert staff can help you take care of the necessary paperwork to receive these benefits that are due.

At a minimum, the folding of the American flag and its presentation to the next of kin will take place prior to burial. The playing of “Taps” will also be offered at the graveside. There are many families who are so relieved and grateful for our expertise to support and design a fitting service for their selfless loved ones. Veteran services for funeral home and cremations in Jacksonville, FL, are indeed an honor for us to arrange.

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As you make plans for funeral home and cremations in Jacksonville, FL, give yourself the support of an experienced and caring provider to guide you. The professional team at Schnauss North East Florida Funeral Home and Cremation Services are ready to help at a moment's notice. See our lovely facility at 808 Margaret St, Jacksonville, FL 32204, or call (904) 683-9288 to make an appointment.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

How do I choose the right funeral home?

Know your budget for funeral services.

Choose a convenient location for the funeral.

Visit the funeral home and talk to a funeral director.

Decide on what funeral services you will choose.

Choose a type of arrangement for your loved one.

Schnauss North East Florida Funeral Home and Cremation Services.

Is traditional cremation different from direct cremation?

Yes, in traditional cremation after the death of a loved one, the body is taken from the place of death into a funeral home for preparations for the viewing and then to be cremated after. In direct cremation after the death of a loved one, the body is taken to a crematorium to be directly cremated without viewing.

Is it safe to prepay for funeral home?

Yes, it is safe to prepay for a funeral home or funeral services. Your money is secured for your funeral plan and can be transferred to another funeral home if you move, or the funeral home closes. Learn more about funeral pre-planning.