Natural Burial

Schnauss North East Florida Funeral Home and Cremation Services provides the option of a natural burial in the ground without the use of embalming fluids (chemicals). We use all natural biodegradable shrouds or wicker caskets for an all natural choice for families that want a traditional burial. The grave is hand-dug so there is no use of heavy equipment. Volunteers do all of the work with digging and covering over the deceased.We can do a graveside service at the graveside, or we can do a viewing before and then bury after the service at the cemetery.

Green / Natural Burial Prices

Green Burial With Minimal Shroud: $3495

Green Burial With Minimal Wicker Casket + Up To 2 Hours Visitation (day of service): $4495.00

Additional Information

Green burial, also referred to as natural or conservation burial, is a legal and safe burial process that uses biodegradable containers and avoids the usage of chemical preservatives or disinfectants such as embalming fluid. 

It is a way of caring for loved ones who passed away and at the same time helps in the permanent protection of a natural area.

Conservation burial sites are surrounded by beautiful native plants. 

People who support conservation have the option of having a more meaningful burial, assuring that the land is protected as a legacy for future generations. 

The families and friends of the departed are brought closer to nature in honor of their beloved’s life.

Facts about Green Burial:

What is green burial?

Green or natural burial is the process of interring the body of the deceased in soil that naturally allows decomposition. Schnauss North East Florida Funeral Home and Cremation Services promotes this kind of funeral service to help reduce the carbon footprint cremation process, caskets, concrete vaults, and the chemical procedure of embalming which is non-environmentally friendly. The body is typically entombed into natural surroundings in which vegetation can flourish.

Why choose green burial over cremation?

Green Burial South Florida is the most non-toxic and the most environmentally friendly way of burial. It reduces the carbon footprint of cremation furnaces and the use of embalming fluid, thus minimizing the negative environmental effects of today’s modern funeral process.